SIGFIRM Working Paper Series 2012

SIGFIRM, that closed its cycle, was the precursor of CAFIN.

Working Paper #1: Daniel Friedman and Shyam Sunder
“Risky Curves: From Unobservable Utility to Observable Opportunity Sets”

Working Paper #2: Daniel Friedman József Sákovics

“The Marginal Utility of Money: A Modern Marshallian Approach to Consumer Choice”

Working Paper #3: Joshua Aizenman and Kenta Inoue

“Central Banks and Gold Puzzles”

Working Paper #4: Joshua Aizenman and Yothin Jinjarak

“Income Inequality, Tax Base, and Sovereign Spreads”

Working Paper #5: Joshua Aizenman

“The Euro and The Global Crises: Finding the Balance Between Short Term Stabilization And Forward Looking Reforms”

Working Paper #6: Ila Patnaik, Ajay Shah, A., and Nirvikar Singh

“Foreign Investors under Stress: Evidence from India”

Working Paper #7: Jordi Mondria and Thomas Wu

“Familiarity and Surprises in International Financial Markets: Bad News Travels like Wildfire, Good News Travels Slow”

Working Paper #8: Luba Petersen

“Non-neutrality of Money, Preferences and Expectations in Laboratory New Keynesian Economics”

Working Paper #9: Jean-Paul Rabanal

“Looking Underwater in the Lab”

Working Paper #10: Ivan Asensio

“Foreign Exchange Option Volatilities: Observations, Efficiency, and the Measurement of Financial Openness”

Working Paper #11: Joshua Aizenman, Michael Hutchison, and Yothin Jinjarak

“What is the Risk of European Sovereign Debt Defaults? Fiscal Space, CDS Spreads and Market Pricing of Risk”

Working Paper #12: Michael Hutchison and Vladislav Sushko

“Impact of Macroeconomic Surprises on Carry Trade Activity”

Working Paper #13: Zewei Wang, Abel Rodrıguez and Athanasios Kottas

“A Nonparametric Mixture Modeling Framework for Extreme Value Analysis”