CAFIN publishes a new working paper

November 04, 2015

The Center for Analytical Finance (CAFIN) publishesv four new working papers on the website.

Adding to the center's cutting-edge research is "Heterogeneous Patterns of Financial Development: Implications for Asian Financial Integration" by Linh Bun and Nirvikar Singh, CAFIN Director and Distinguished Professor of Economics. This is the 20th working paper CAFIN has released. Click here to download.

The abstract reads: "This paper analyzes detailed differences in patterns of financial development across the major Asian economies, including three of the region’s largest economies (China, Japan and South Korea), to understand how these differences might affect possibilities for greater regional financial integration. In particular, the paper argues that heterogeneous patterns of financial development, and not just differences in levels of financial development, may present an economic challenge to regional financial integration efforts, aside from possible political challenges. The paper provides background on the case for financial openness, Asian experiences with financial integration, and regional economic responses to external shocks. It also discusses policy options, including regulatory reform and coordination, and possible risk management policies and institutions, in the context of heterogeneous patterns of financial development."

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